FLIR DM284 Professional Imaging Multimeter with IGM, 9Hz

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FLIR Professional Imaging Multimeter with IGM, 9Hz

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  • 18-function DMM including VFD mode, True RMS, LoZ, and NCV
  • Thermocouple input
  • 160x120-resolution FLIR thermal imager
  • ≤ 150 mK Sensitivity
  • Temperature Range: 14°F to 302°F (-10°C to 150°C)
  • FOV: 46° x 35°
  • Fixed Focus
  • 1000V AC/DC

Product Information

FLIR DM284 Imaging Multimeter with IGM

Quickly locate, record and resolve electrical issues with one simple to use tool. The FLIR DM284 is the latest in electrical testing technology. Harnessing the power of thermal imaging, it allows users to quickly scan a general area for hot spots. After finding expected problem areas, they can simply use the DM284's 18 function TRUE-RMS digital multimeter.

  • Image Resolution: 19,200 Pixels (160 X 120)
  • Temperature Range: 14°F to 302°F (-10°C to 150°C)
  • FOV: 46° x 35°
  • Measure up to 1000V AC/DC
  • Type K Thermocouple input (-40°F to 752°F)
  • 10 Year Warranty

Your all-in-one tool

The FLIR DM284 Imaging Multimeter with IGM Technology has been developed by FLIR to allow users to more quickly and more accurately detect electrical problems. With its built-in 160X120 thermal sensor and IGM technology, the DM284 is able to point to the exact location of electrical problems through hotspots during the troubleshooting process. Instead of connecting to each individual component, users can easily use the thermal imager to scan all components and observe where the problem lies. Saving a substantial amount of time and resources. After finding the location of the issue with the thermal imager, use the DM284’s Multimeter functions to confirm your findings and obtain exact measurements.

IGM (Infrared Guided Measurement)

  • Find problem areas before you measure
  • All-in-one tool. No need to carry multiple expensive pieces of equipment
  • Scan for hazards while avoiding direct contact

Resolve Challenging Electrical and Temperature Related Issues

  • Fully functional DMM with 18 different functions
  • Thermocouple compatible
  • View electrical and temperature information at the same time.

Designed for Functionality in the Field

  • Includes integrated work lights, laser pointer and more. Allowing you to use the DM284 in areas with restricted access or low light.
  • Intuitive menu design and user interface for simple operation
  • Iron, Rainbow or Greyscale Thermal Color Schemes
  • Rugged Housing Tested by FLIR